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Migration and Visa Services for Australia

Sunrise Consulting provides migration law advice and visa application process assistance to eligible applicants seeking to migrate to Australia either temporarily or on a permanent basis.

Australian migration law, which comprises over 100 visa sub classes, is complex and subject to frequent change. A provision within the legal structure is that anyone who uses their knowledge and skill in migration law and procedure to advise or assist with a visa application and other migration matters must be a registered migration agent.

You can be assured that Sunrise Consulting agents are equipped with the most up to date information on visa requirements to ensure that visa applications have highest prospects of being granted. We are Registered Migration Agent (MRN: 1571651) in Australia which confirms that we have required qualification and registration to provide immigration advices and assistance essential for Australia.

Sunrise Consulting is expert and highly experienced in providing advices and processing application for all Australian visa categories. We have extended experience in representing you at relevant tribunal if your Australian migration visa has been refused for any reasons.

As one of the best Australian immigration agent in Nepal, Sunrise Consulting has a team of expert professionals who have both professional expertise and extended experience in completing your Australia immigration visa process in highly professional, accurate and ethical manner.

Experience excellence of our services and fulfil your dream of securing Australian visa of your choice and eligibility.


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